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8 beauty habits you should be doing every night!

8 beauty habits you should be doing every night!

We’ve all got a few habits that really effect us in a negative way. Stopping these habits is possible. Below we’ve pulled together eight nighttime habits that you should be doing every night.

1) Remove your Makeup: All kinds of gunk and grime builds up on top of your face, making it the prime environment for bacteria to fester, your pillow will also get a part of all that bacteria, so you’ll be putting your face in it for nights to come. Just take a few minutes to give your face a good clean or at least a swipe with a makeup wipe. You’ll see less breakouts and more evenly toned skin once you break this habit.

2) Don't pull up your hair tight: By doing this you can cause your hair to have serious breakage. You can invest in a silk pillowcase so you won’t break hair as you toss and turn in the night.

3) Stop checking your phone: Yes, we all do it, from instagram to facebook, the last scroll before we hit the hay. In order to get to sleep and stay asleep soundly. You’ll get more sleep and wake up with no bags under your eyes.

4) Brush your teeth: Not only will this allow for some serious morning breath, but you’ll also be allowing all of the foods (and sugars in them) to sit on your teeth and gums all night long. In short, you’ll end up with cavities that could turn into way worse situations. Just brush your teeth.

5) Sleep: Skimping on how much sleep you get will cause red eyes in the morning, irritability, inflammation and increased stress. All of this can lead to puffiness, uneven skin tone, bags under your eyes, increased appetite throughout. Do yourself a favor and slip into bed around the same time every night to avoid staying up too late.

6) Don't drink and eat sugar right before bed

7) Switch your pillowcase often: A lot of oils ( in other words bacteria) from your face and hair can gather up on your pillowcases. Switch them out once a week to minimize the bacteria that your face sleeps on each night.

8) Apply hand cream: Considering your hands are constantly busy during the day, the nighttime is the best time to slather on hand cream and cuticle cream so that it can sit and really soak in while you sleep.

Read more: http://stylecaster.com/beauty-high/bad-habits-at-night/#ixzz3pcJnUrZZ

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