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Le journal d'une tunisienne

Le journal d'une tunisienne

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The smart girl's guide to shaving

The smart girl's guide to shaving

1) Exfoliate before you shave clears away dead skin and prevents ingrown hair.

2) Before shaving, take some time to let the hair soak and soften in warm water for a few minutes.

3) One of the bbest products to shave with is ..... Conditioner.

Yes, it will keep your skin soft and healthy, and it save you a lot of money.

4) Skip scented lotions, perfume, deodorant or any product at least for an hour after shaving, they can urritate your skin. Instead try using unscented lotion to seal in moisture.

5) When dealing with a razor burn, try using a chamomile tea bag to calm the irritate area.

The smart girl's guide to shaving

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